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Academic Alliance

Academic institutions to participate in the research and dissemination of the r3.0 Blueprints


Academic institutions globally have expressed interest in joining the r3.0 research ecosystem by involving faculty and doctoral and graduate students in joint research that aligns with their own interests. There are four main areas of cooperation through the r3.0 Academic Alliance Program:

Support Reporting 3.0 Blueprint Development

Academic institutions are invited to get involved in the development of the r3.0 Blueprints by joining the Working Group meetings, global asynchronous online dialogues, public comment feedback, and participating in r3.0 events.recommendation.

Joint Research Projects

Academic Alliance Partners can support the recommendations in r3.0’s Blueprints through joint research projects on a range of different research topics.

Program Alignment

Academic institution are invited to align their programs and courses with the r3.0 agenda and include r3.0 content into case studies or assignments.

Curriculum Development

Academic Alliance partners are invited to help create high quality curricula and assess the impact of training that are developed for  its ‘educate’, ‘advocate’ and ‘accelerate’ maturity level applications of its recommendations.

Full Academic Alliance Program Description

For more information about the Academic Alliance Program see the full description here.


Ralph Thurm

Managing Director

OnCommons / r3.0

+31 64 600 14 52