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Member of the r3.0 Academic Alliance

Anticipating the future is the leitmotiv and the drive of Howest. As knowledge centre, Howest wants to strategically anticipate and respond to the needs of society. In collaboration with industry, the service and care sector and the government Howest constitutes the triple helix that helps to steer and to determine well-being and prosperity. Its study program portfolio offers all actors the possibility to permanently refine their competences or to acquire new competences. To that end, Howest creates future-oriented study programs and consciously opts for new profiles, such as the undergraduate program on network economics.
Geert Hofman

Geert Hofman

Program Coordinator of the Bachelor in Network Economics


“I created a bachelor program in network economics after years of experience in industry (as an employee and a business owner) feeling that the direction we as a society were taking was not the ideal path. As a graduated philosopher, my critical thinking urge made me realize that the way to change is through the right kind of education.

The main goal of the network economics program of Howest is educating young people on how to become responsible, value driven initiative takers, doing research on topics related to this goal and help transitioning society in a direction that is more sustainable. The connection with the r3,0 program seems to be a perfect fit.”


Advocation Partner contact: Geert Hofman