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Test Lab

The ‚Scale of Significance‘ – a two-year Test Lab project (March 2023 – February 2025)


Is it possible to make love visible in corporate settings, within an organization, and in relation to its rightsholders, to whom corporations owe duties and obligations for the wellbeing of all? Is it possible to create visibility of how love manifests itself in the interrelation of a business setting and can create more trust, resilience and potentially joint innovation? And is it possible to prove that love is the better approach to organise, steer and manage corporations to the appreciation of all capitals involved? 

A regenerative and distributive economy, with well-being to be the essential outcome and success factor, is a manifestation of love. It refuses to continue to privatise wins, while losses are socialized and asks for intra-and intergenerational equity, manifested through System Value Creation. But what needs to happen in organizations, outside of organizations, in the ‘interbeing’ with all species and planet earth? How does rightsholdership best manifests itself? How do we touch people’s hearts and reduce existing stereotype conditioning of the mind?

These were some of the essential questions and thinking that a group of interested professionals aimed at finding out from 2019 onwards, under the hood of a Dutch social endeavour, ‘The Scale of Significance.’ Started by a couple of purpose  economy proponents in the Netherlands, a group of likeminded, amongst them r3.0 Managing Director Ralph Thurm, developed a questions-based approach, going deep into the ‘tissue’ of organizational balance and curiosity and progress: 
Balance: the will and ability to reflect how you do things necessary to create balance between and  within the nano, micro, meso and macro levels
Curiosity: the will and ability to research and to learn new things
Progress: the will and ability to change in order to create more impact for necessary transformation

The Scale of Significance can play both roles: as an enabler of transformation and a constant activator of transformation.

r3.0 is offering its Test Lab Platform to projects that align well with r3.0’s core role, developing the ‘necessary’ information infrastructure through its work ecosystem of Blueprints, Projects, Transformation Journey Programs, Campaigns and Conferences. In that sense the Scale of Significance presents  itself as truly aligned and compatible. It can offer value as an awareness-raising method that develops deeper insight in how an organisation ‘works’ and what its effects are, both on the inside and on the outside. As an outcome, the Scale of Significance creates readiness for necessary transformative steps an  organization may want to set in motion.

Read more in the attached English and Dutch brochure of this new r3.0 Test Lab, about the approach, how to express interest, and how to become part of this new starting point for all thought and action!

Brochure English here.

Brochure Dutch here.