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Advocation Partners

Subject matter experts to participate in the dissemination of the r3.0 Blueprints


r3.0 is offering interested subject matter experts (forward-looking individuals and advisory firms) the possibility to participate and benefit from r3.0’s dissemination of the Blueprints.

What are Advocation Partners?

Advocation Partners are experts in fields in which r3.0 puts specific emphasis on, including, e.g. renewed materiality processes, mindset shift trajectories, the introduction of context-based and multi-capital success measurement, or the facilitation of collaboration projects in industries or habitats. They have deep knowledge about the Blueprints since they have been part of their development or r3.0 has been drawing on their specific expertise in favor of a Blueprint recommendation.


With the Advocation Partnership Program, r3.0 aims at creating win-win situations, beneficiary for r3.0 as well as for the Advocation Partner. r3.0 needs ‘positive mavericks’ to expand its global community, strengthen its organization and implementation power and to disseminate the learnings and recommendations from its blueprinting activities. As r3.0, hosted by the not-for-profit organization OnCommons (gGmbH, based in Berlin, Germany), is a not-for-profit venture that focuses on advancing a future-fit disclosure practice, Advocation Partners are an essential ‘second ring’ of experienced partners that promote interests of r3.0 while at the same time can generate benefits for themselves as well as for their clients.

Our Advocation Partners

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Advocation Partners Program Description and Agreement

For more information about the Advocation Partners Program see the folder  here and the draft Agreement here.


Ralph Thurm

Managing Director

OnCommons / r3.0

+31 64 600 14 52