Programs overview

Content dissermination

The dissemination and subsequent implementation of the content from the Blueprints takes place in different programs. Each program involves a different group of stakeholders, described in detail below. During the program’s duration, the developed content will be tested, discussed and the conclusions fed back into other programs as well as into the next generation of Blueprint development. Hence, the whole system is an ongoing process, interconnected in an ecosystem:

Transformation Journey Program

A modularized implementation journey for all constituencies, all sizes and all parts of the world, helping to start transforming organizations step-by-step, and aiming at organizational thriveability and system value creation. It addresses individuals and organizations on nano, micro, meso and macro level. The Journey Program allows flexible application with partners. Joint learning is possible in webinars and generic workshops. Individual implementation can be achieved with r3.0 Advocation Partners.

Advocation Parters

The opportunity for subject matter experts in consultancies and advisory organizations to support the dissemination and testing of the Blueprint recommendations. Advocation Partners work with their clients in helping them integrate the Blueprint recommendations and tools, scaling implementation worldwide.

Academic Alliance

Fostering the exchange between academics and practitioners in order to accelerate the application of gained knowledge. The four main areas of collaboration are supporting Blueprint development, joint research projects, program alignment and curriculum development.

Government, Multilaterals and Foundations Support

We provide support for e.g. governments in their development of regulations, legislation and incentives through our deeper insights into next-generation approaches to disclosure.

Sustainability Context Group

A global network of leaders from business, investment, civil society, government, academia, etc… who advocate for more robust application of the Sustainability Context Principle, which calls for respecting ecological, social, and economic thresholds & allocations. The Susty Context Group now acts under the r3.0 umbrella.

Investor Support (forthcoming)

With our new insights, we support investors to better validate their decision making on responsible and sustainable investments for a more resilient future.

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