Transformation Journey Programs

What is the Transformation Journey Program?

Welcome to the collective journey to transform the greatest challenges in human history into opportunities for humanity to survive and thrive! With the clock ticking, our economic system design needs to change drastically to enable a Regenerative & Distributive Economy to come to life through the sustainable regeneration and just distribution of vital resources.

The sustainability ideation of the brilliant Brundtland Report from 1987 gave us the vision of intergenerational equity upon which to act. More than three decades later, we’re falling fatally short of fulfilling what was envisaged, as evidenced by the Great Acceleration hockey stick graphs and our ever growing Ecological Footprints (consuming 1.7 planets worth of resources annually). We simply can’t continue like this. To repeat our motto at the outset: There is no sustainable business in an unsustainable world. But how can we “bend the curve” towards the ultimate ends – human wellbeing and living within the means of the only planet we have in a balanced way?

r3.0 started in 2012 to tackle the challenges that were going unmet. Our aspiration is to create “irresistible” solutions through a pre-competitive and market-making approach that helps to overcome plateauing ambitions and allow for a synchronized and synergized way to collectively “get the job done.”

The Transformation Journey Program is the result of 8 years of work, translating the outcomes of the 9 r3.0 Blueprints on Reporting, Accounting, Data, and New Business Models, Transformation,  Sustainable Finance, Value Cycles, Educational Transformation and Funding Governance for Systemic Transformation into a step-by-step process for all organisations of all sizes and constituencies on how to become thriveable and creating system value.

The evidence is clear that society faces a seemingly insurmountable task: rapidly transform our economic system to operate within the earth’s carrying capacity while justly distributing resources to meet all of humanity’s core needs. The inherent interdependence of transformation creates challenges: macro-system changes in the economy, society, and the environment both trigger – and are triggered by – changes at narrower scales, such as shifts in meso-level industry ecosystems and micro-level business model innovation. Surmounting such challenges requires coordinated strategizing. Invoking Interface Founder Ray Anderson’s metaphor of ‘Climbing Mount Sustainability,’ we at r3.0 have revised the Transformation Journey Program (TJP) – a framework for spurring transformation through a multi-stage workshop series, now in its 2nd generation.

How do I best find a Transformation Journey Program for me?

The r3.0 Transformation Journey Program is to our knowledge the broadest program to choose from. It is offered once or twice a year by r3.0 directly and can cater up to 15 participants. It is offered as an international program, but can also cater a certain industry or region (a bit based on where we see demand). If there is more interest r3.0 and its partners may run more programs. Over time r3.0 Transformation Journey Programs may also be offered by r3.0 Advocation Partners who have gone through a qualification program with r3.0 and are allowed to offer these programs for their clients or regions they live in, always in close coordination with r3.0, that will offer the most updated and customised curriculum and does quality control.

Transformation Journey Programs will be announced on this website and in r3.0 newsletters and social media, or by r3.0 Advocation Partners if they wish to do so. Past Transformation Journey Programs are listed at the bottom of the page.

Will I receive a certificate for participating in one of the programs?

r3.0 is giving out certificates of participation after each succesfully finished Transformation Journey Program. ’Success’ is to a broad range dependent on what the participants aims to achieve for, so the certificate is a proof of completion only. There are self-set targets for the participants that they aim to achieve during the Transformation Journey Program. These are discussed at the beginning of the program and will echo throughout the journey.



Stage One – Basecamp:

Survey the topography (assess business-as-usual trajectory), review factors behind successful and failed peaking attempts (discern incrementalist versus transformative strategies), establish resilient team dynamics (collaborate across organizational boundaries), stress test all gear (vet context-based metrics). [2 days]

Stage Two – Planning the Route:

Assess different ascent approaches (conduct scenario analyses) and plot a path that breaks new ground (draft transformation plans to new business models). [2 days]

Stage Three – The Climb:

Embark on the journey (pilot transformation projects and programs), monitor progress and remain flexible as alpine conditions change (pursue iterative innovation and develop resilience), align diverse skills and expertise on team toward the common goal (coordinate collaboration at individual, organizational, sectoral, and systems levels). [2 days]

Stage Four – The Mountain Top:

Celebrate reaching the peak, knowing there are more mountains to climb on the continuing journey toward true sustainability (calibrate progress toward strategic goal of systems change to a regenerative and distributive economy, and strategize on trajectory targets for next “climb”). [1 day]

Stage 5 – The Return:

Focus on the way back into the village, recognizing how climbing Mount Thriveability has made participants into guides, enabling them to prepare many others to reach their individual Mount Thriveability. [1 day]

Transformation Journey Programs

r3.0 Transformation Journey Program, July 2022, Hornhuizen (Friesland), The Netherlands


Organised as a summer school over 2×4 days in the wonderful region of Friesland in the North of the Netherlands, r3.0 restarts its Transformation Journey Program Cycle, to catch up on in-person Journeys, and offering a renewed curriculum, including new Blueprints and learning methodologies, e.g. the Prosocial approach. This program is limited to 10 participants, and creates a very special intimacy of the group, and a mix of learning with and in nature.

The dates are:

04 – 07 July and 18 – 21 July

Time : 09.00 am – 17.00 pm

Location: Hornhuizen (Friesland), The Netherlands

Please see all further information here.

Interested? Please contact:

Past Transformation Journey Programs

Rotterdam, April 2020 – March 2021

The second Rotterdam Transformation Journey Program fell right into the Covid pandemic and got stretched over a full year, with virtual gatherings included. Two participants from Mauritius were not on the photo and only attended part of the program in-person, the rest online. This Journey was the first Journey co-facilitated by an r3.0 Advocation Partner, Thrive Institute, with Kees Klomp in attendance and facilitating parts of the interactive discussions. This Journey paved the way to test hybrid Transformation Journey Programs. 

Rotterdam, January 2019 – June 2019

January 2019 marked the start of the ‘Erasmus Transformation Academy’, a unique collaboration between r3.0, SMO and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Participants went through a transformation process by visiting five 2-day workshops in the course of 6 months. The program enabled cross-sectoral and cross-constituency learning and sharing.

Amsterdam, November 2018 – April 2019

We were pleased that ING stepped up to host a full series of all four stages of Transformation Journey Workshops, with a focus on Sustainable Finance to also gauge interest in launching a Sustainable Finance Blueprint.

Boston, Nov 2018 – May 2019

We were pleased that John Hancock / Manulife stepped up to host a full series of all four stages of Transformation Journey Workshops, with a focus on Sustainable Finance to also gauge interest in launching a Sustainable Finance Blueprint.

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