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r3.0 is pleased to announce its 10th International Conference, convening 12 – 13 September 2023 in hybrid mode (in-person in Amsterdam and online globally), building on the success of rolling out this hybrid set-up in our 2022 Conference. We at r3.0 consciously take a “margin-centered” approach to programming our Conference, drawing on the wisdom of communities that are pushed to the edges (tapping into the “abundant edge effects” Principle of Regenerative Vitality). Our Conference also fosters what Joanna Macy calls “Active Hope” — in other words, not blind faith, but rather trust in the actions we take together to tackle our predicaments. One important aspect of this is the ability to collectively grieve what’s dying, killed off by humanity’s status quo systems (an economic systems predicated on perpetual growth and institutions that entrench this status quo) as inspiration to nurture the birth of new ways of being. And we strategically schedule our Conference to coincide with the shifting seasons, to support participants in reassessing priorities as cracks increasingly emerge in the status quo.