r3.0 is pleased to announce its 7th international conference, convening at the Erasmus Pavilion in Rotterdam on 8/9 September 2020, strategically placed right after the summer break in Europe/North America, to help set a sufficiently ambitious tone for the fall/winter conference season. As 2020 is often called a ‘make-or-break’ year – a half-decade after the 2015 Paris Accord and the start of the SDGs – the r3.0 International Conference offers a framework for redesigning our economy around the principles of regeneration and distribution. This framework is based around the r3.0 work ecosystem: the family of 9 interlinked Blueprints, 5 already developed, and 2 to be released and 2 initiated at this conference; 6 prior r3.0 conferences; the networks of our Academic Alliance and Advocation Partners; our Research and Test Lab collaborations, and our Global Thresholds & Allocations Council initiation. We feel uniquely positioned to gather world-class “game-changing and mind-blowing” speakers in a highly interactive “sleeves-rolled-up” working conference setting. The Erasmus Pavilion, situated in the heart of the Erasmus University Campus, is a top-notch location that will be familiar to the r3.0 community who attended our conference there last year.



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