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This 6th edition marked a watershed moment. Whereas earlier conferences reached from initial soul searching to developing and releasing the content of the r3.0 work ecosystem and its Blueprints, this 6th r3.0 International Conference switched gears to implementation mode, hence the conference title ‘Implementing Thriveable Transformation’.  This means that most of the content that was showcased came from the participants of r3.0 programs. We heard from those that joined our Transformation Journey Programs (The Journey workstream), from Advocation and Academic Alliance Partners (The Sherpas workstream), and from those that came to the conference to find a forum willing to discuss most pressing issues or hearing about solutions that bode well with r3.0’s thinking – or were actually inspired by it (The Campfires). In addition we invited international leaders and visionaries into plenary keynotes and panels (The Village). By this we aimed at inspiring and interacting with you as much as possible. Enjoy and grasp the spirit of this event, a mekka for sustainable transformation, at a level that is necessary to serve a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy. The photo gallery, conference films and presentations, as well as a full conference report, serve as a great resource for further inspiration.