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Solutions Overview

Solutions Building

The third part of the work-ecosystem, the solutions building, develops concrete measures to close reporting gaps. The solutions being built and activated are intended to function as spin-offs and further development of solutions recommended in the Blueprints. Currently, one such venture is curated by r3.0, whereas the Test Labs are ongoing:

Transcending Incrementalism

In 2022, celebrating the 10th year of r3.0’s existence, we are embarking on a five-legged campaign to help overcome ESG-based incrementalism and achieve more awareness and clarity for the implementation needs and methods to arrive at System Value Creation. This r3.0 campaign will also become a core feature of r3.0’s forthcoming 10th anniversary conference on September 6/7, 2022.

Global Thresholds & Allocations Commons

r3.0 proposes the formation of a multi-stakeholder Global Thresholds & Allocations Commons (GTAC), to establish an authoritative approach to reporting economic, environmental and social performance in relation to generally accepted boundaries and limits. GTAC will identify thresholds and norms, design and validate allocation methodologies and disseminate the agreed upon solutions.

Research & Test Labs

r3.0 is constantly challenging its thinking based on feedback we receive through the above mentioned programs. New ideas arise and those will be tested as pilot projects, and experience will be gathered. If vetted positively, outcomes of the Test Lab will lead to inclusion in future Blueprints and Solutions. This site will host r3.0 research projects with partners and – when developed – own research areas, carried out with Advocation Partners, Academic Alliance Partners and other collaboration partners.