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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program


The Wellbeing Economy Alliance Netherlands is the Dutch network of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, the global alliance of organizations, movements and individuals working together to transform our economy into a system that delivers social justice on a healthy planet.
To amplify this economy transition, WEAll Nederland shares positive and inspiring stories and initiatives about a new economic future, makes knowledge and experiences accessible, facilitates collaboration and strategic partnerships and makes the growing movement for systemic change visible.

Olette Bollen

Olette Bollen



“To create an economy transition we have to collaborate like we have never done before. That is why WEAll Nederland is excited to join and support R3.0 in their groundbreaking and relentless work in developing new ways of thinking and new frameworks and business models for the transformation to sustainable, social and future proof organizations.”

Advocation Partner contact: Olette Bollen