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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Acting as an interdisciplinary independent to raise consciousness of the nature of the BAU market economy, how it is driving unsustainability through misguided assumptions/governance and what good looks like. I also help reveal/encode, in international standards, the consensus on a governance system completely aligned with long-term wellbeing for all (sustainability) – both in terms of optimising innovation towards it and not destroying it.
Dr. Victoria Hurth

Dr. Victoria Hurth

Independent Pracademic

To connect r3.0 work with the work I am doing on consensus building, and specifically the potentially globally catalytic proposal to use PAS808 (the British Standard in Purpose-Driven Organisations) as the basis of an ISO in Purpose-Driven Organisation, with up to 170 of ISO nations co-creating this.



Advocation Partner contact: Dr. Victoria Hurth