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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

“Vert de Gris” is convinced that the way organizations are managed and held accountable must evolve to guide the transformation of organizations towards sustainable development.

In particular, “Vert de Gris” has taken on the mission of accompanying and training key players, the accounting and risk professions, in the integration of sustainable development into their work.

In addition, “Vert de Gris” also assists all sustainable development professionals in counting, measuring and steering sustainable development.

And this with the objective of accompanying the transformation of organizations and business models towards sustainable development by taking action.

Delphine Gibassier

Delphine Gibassier

President & Founder


“r3.0 has always been at the forefront of thinking about both how to account for sustainability but also more broadly, about multicapitalism and the need to rethink our business models and economy. Joining as an advocation partner is an honor, and of course we look forward to participating in the forward thinking in those areas together!”


Advocation Partner contact: Delphine Gibassier