Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Tripl3Leader provides leadership development for sustainable business results on all three dimensions: people, planet and profit. With many years of professional experience, we prepare true leaders for current and future challenges, knowing that only sustainable decisions lead to long-term success.

Klaus Schuler

Klaus Schuler

Founder & Managing Director


“As an Advocation Partner, we want to actively support the transformation that r3.0 strives for. We have to accompany companies together and encourage true leaders to discover new paths. In that context, future-oriented and innovative reporting is key to creating true collective value.” 

Advocation Partner contact: Klaus Schuler

We at Tripl3Leader loved the Transformation Journey Program with r3.0 in 2019. We gained lots of relevant input to enhance your knowledge and attitude on factors around sustainability and responsibilities. It was a boost for our own work with leaders in organizations. For companies interested in getting their leadership future-fit and willing to discuss what their purpose and their contribution to society might be, we call it True Collective Value, we are again offering our value-based True Leadership Journey 2020. All details are available here: Registration is now open. The start date is April 21.

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