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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

ToumAI is the first extra financial data analytics platform dedicated to Africa. We analyse local dialects both in written and vocal form to generate insights on how local communities perceive infrastructure projects impacting them. This amplifies local community voices and helps market players in their obtaining a social licence to operate.

Youcef Rahmani

Youcef Rahmani

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer


“r3.0 is a leader of sustainability best practices in policy-making and across industries. While our commercial starting point is the analysis of ESG risks for capital providers, we are looking to transition our product offering to social sustainability analysis more generally. We therefore look forward to learning from r3.0 and its partners, sharing our knowledge on Africa, and collaborating on sustainable solutions via the r3.0 blueprints. As an Advocation Partner, we hope to participate in building a meaningful sustainable transition that includes the voices of often excluded communities!


Advocation Partner contact: Youcef Rahmani