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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Tosca is a Tribe of independent sustainability professionals who combine their knowledge, insights and experience to jointly contribute to a sustainable world. What binds and drives us is our pursuit of well-being for everyone. We do this by assisting organizations to be a ‘force for good’, that is, to act ethically and with integrity for both  the society and the environment. Tosca offers services in the following areas: 1. Strategy and value creation, 2. Performance management & reporting and 3. Leadership & engagement.

Ulrike de Jong

Ulrike de Jong

Founding Partner


“TOSCA is proud to be an Advocational Partner of R3.0 as we are change agents and believe that we can strengthen our expertise by including the comprehensive insights and knowledge of r3.0 to drive true transformations. Through real collaboration with our partners we will steer businesses towards a force for good.”


Advocation Partner contact: Ulrike de Jong