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THRIVE Project Test Lab


The THRIVE Project is a not-for-profit research, education and advocacy group whose mission is to ensure the long-term well-being and thrivability of all humanity. Our vision is a world where all living forms live in harmony and solidarity with each other, in the pursuit of global shared value creation and collective collaborative peaceful partnerships for people, planet, profit with purpose and prosperity (7Ps). THRIVE is The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Entity whose premiere offering is the conceptual THRIVE Framework and Platform featuring the 12 Foundational Focus Factors and the scale-linked 7Cs which through a process of systemic orchestration guides civilization onto the trajectory towards thrivable transformation.
The THRIVE Project is a leading collaborator with r3.0 and several others in the field of sustainability metrics. Adopting a first principled design science research approach, informed by what the best available science shows us is necessary and sufficient for humanity to flourish, the THRIVE Platform offers a taxonomy-agnostic systemic holistic modelling tool with integrated formula and weight engine, able to calculate impacts within context at each level. Furthermore, its advanced predictive big data analytics engine and machine learning pattern recognition SPRINT system is able to link sustainability performance with entity model, thus illuminating the path to backcast targets forward towards thrivability.
Visit the THRIVE Project website to gain free access to the resources, and tool, and partake in the evaluation process whereby you can shape the future of sustainability performance metrics, global thresholds and allocations, and the well-being of people through to planet. Let’s defy extinction. Join us on this journey towards thrivability with providence and prosperity.



Lead: Morris D. Fedeli

Email: Morris D. Fedeli