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EDUCATE LEVEL: Nano level personal development agenda; Positive Maverick coaching
The Sustainability Gap: What’s the Difference Between Sustainability and Incrementalism, and Why Does it Matter?
Context Gap
Why is sustainability as implemented in the majority of companies, industries, habitats or portfolios still failing?
The Pain Point
Wait, sustainability requires ambition beyond CSR and ESG? And that the incrementalism of CSR and ESG create reputational as well as physical risks?
The Gain Point
Aligning performance to Context-Based Sustainability thresholds reduces reputational and physical risks.
Sufficient Ambition: Are Current Sustainability Efforts Enough to Break Through Predatory Delay?
Are the SDGs, the Paris Climate Treaty and the TCFD enough to break through ‘predatory delay’ in corporate strategy?
The Pain Point
Might my response be legitimately perceived “predatory delay”? And I thought Paris, the SDGs, and TCFD were the end-goals – they’re not?
The Gain Point
Understanding ‘predatory delay’ and the shortcomings of Paris, TCFD and SDGs to position and communicate better
What is a Green, Inclusive, and Open Economy? Is it the Future We Want, or the Future We Design?
New Economy

What is a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy really? And why is it good for us?

The Pain Point
I didn’t realize that my own sustainability efforts are moot if we don’t collectively trigger a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy.
The Gain Point
Without my interventions (and that of many others), a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy isn’t possible. I understand the concept and what I need to contribute!

Can There Be Sustainable Business in an Unsustainable Economy? Or Does Achieving Sustainability Require Economic System Redesign?

Economic System Design

What is it really that needs to change

The Pain Point

I didn’t think I could play a role in Economic System Design change…

The Gain Point

I now know how Economic System Design Incentives work and what needs to change and what I can do to help!

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