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The Future Normals Webinar Series


EARTHwise Centre and r3.0 are delighted to present a new webinar series that forms part of the EARTHwise Tipping Point Conversations for a World that Works, called the “The Future Normals Webinar Series”, as a new r3.0 Test Lab. This webinar series results from a unique collaboration between EARTHwise Centre and r3.0 both founding members of the EARTHwise Tipping Point System for transition leadership and civilizational transformation. r3.0 co-facilitates this webinar series based on their Transformation Journey Blueprint and Programs and frames this collaboration as an r3.0 Test Lab. Together, we offer a unique starting point for the Future Normals.

Why is this webinar series important now?

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed even more strongly that dualistically polarized systems are incapable of guiding us through periods of crisis, in fact they are the very reason that we sink so deep into crisis. With dualistically polarized systems we mean the kind of dynamics that create divisions such as “economic gain versus health priorities”, “climate priorities versus business interests”, “state safety versus individual freedom”, and so forth. The “Future Normals” webinars explore the necessary ’transition pathways’, r3.0’s language of multi-level transformation, to get us out of dualistic argumentation and old unsustainable normals, by offering a Third Way approach for moving out of the crisis. The ‘Third Way’ is a unique approach developed by Dr Anneloes Smitsman based on her PhD research at Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

Who this webinar series is for?

Transition leaders, policy makers, creatives, solutionaries, academics, positive mavericks, visionaries, culture designers, and people who are committed to creating a world that works for all. The COVID-19 crisis has taken the life of hundreds of thousands of people already. It is our moral responsibility to learn from this crisis and all it is revealing to build the foundations for future normals that are healthy, regenerative, and thrivable.

What you can expect from this webinar series

In a series of 1.5 hours webinars on zoom, Ralph Thurm, Managing Director of r3.0, and Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, CEO of EARTHwise Centre, will facilitate these Tipping Point Conversations. The webinars are planned to take place every two weeks on Wednesdays, 12pm PDT (8pm CEST), starting May 20th. In subsequent webinars there will also be guest experts to share their contribution to the webinar topic.

The “Future Normals” are based on a unique formula which is applied to various transition trajectories. Each webinar will explore possible “Future Normals”, using system maps and tools that have been developed by r3.0 and EARTHwise Centre for systemic transformational change and transition leadership:

The Third Way Formula for new Future Normals:

  • A key topic will be introduced that reveals a dualistic provocation that is in the news and where opinions are often stuck in an either/or argumentation.
  • A perspective from r3.0, based on backcasting from an ideal situation, using r3.0 knowledge and tooling, presents a generic “maturation pathway”.
  • A “Third Way” system tool from EARTHwise Centre is shared for: 1) identifying the systemic boundaries that are ignored or harmed; 2) revealing the systemic thrivability barriers that give rise to this dualistic polarization, and; 3) identifying possible transformation strategies for third way solutions.
  • Breakout conversation in smaller groups for exploring “third way” future normals trajectories.
  • Completion in large group for sketching “third way” future normals trajectories based on the synergies of the group intelligence and collective wisdom.
  • Reflection opportunity by the participants, especially around how they sketch a first step for them, and the value the session created for them.

Which 7 topics will be covered in the first series:

  1. Saving the Economy versus Saving Lives >>> A Different Economy
  1. Green & Clean energy solutions versus Nuclear/Fossil >>> New Energy Solutions & Bioregional Approach.
  1. Short term crisis mode versus long term sustainability >>> Regeneration & Thriving
  1. Wealth aggregation versus Social Security of the Welfare State >>> Universal Basic Income & Planetary Health.
  1. Growth versus Degrowth >>> A living systems-based growth model
  1. Technology Monopolization versus Collective Commons >>> A Planetary Ethics for Societal Development
  1. Old Certainties versus New Uncertainties >>> Transformational Competencies & Systemic Resiliencies

How can you participate?

  • The first live online webinar is held on Wednesday, May 20th at 12pm PDT (8 pm CEST), and focuses on the current discussion about “Commensurability – Saving The Economy or Saving Lives”.
  • Registration is required via the enrolment options below.

Price Options & Registration

We are asking for a contribution of 20 USD to cover the cost for organizing and continuing this series over the next weeks, and possibly future series, if there is sufficient interest. You can also pay 120 USD for the full series of seven webcasts (buy 7, get one free). You can register here  and choose for one of the two payment option (single webinar of full series of webcasts).


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