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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Tellus Institute has framed its programs around the larger mission of advancing a just and sustainable planetary civilization. This Great Transition would entail a fundamental shift in human values and in the ways we produce, consume, and live. The key is balancing the rights of all people now alive with those of future generations and the wider community of life. Realizing this depends on generating viable, attainable visions of another world, cultivating a sense of global citizenship, and engaging in collective action for systemic change. These are the aims that animate the research, outreach, and network-building efforts of the Tellus Institute.

Allen White

Allen White

Vice President & Senior Fellow Co-Founder & Former CEO, GRI


“Thriving societies need thriving corporations. And vice- versa. Purpose-driven companies understand this symbiotic relationship. They align their governance and strategies in ways that enrich all forms of capital and while respecting ecological and social boundaries. r3.0 builds on and elevates leading reporting standards to provide a roadmap and compass for attaining such a future. The planet needs, and deserves nothing, less.”

Regional scope: USA

Advocation Partner contact: Allen White