Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Having celebrated our 10th anniversary year, we set out on our journey as an international network of sustainability specialists, a group of professionals passionate about helping companies to get the best out of what was an emerging and complex topic. Our multi-disciplinary network model has worked well, enabling us to successfully contribute to very diverse projects from green buildings to responsible gaming strategies, and work with clients of all shapes and sizes from different geographies and sectors.

Maria Sillanpaa

Maria Sillanpaa

Founding Director


“Great strides have been made in reporting over the last couple of decades – however, the need for even greater ones is pressing. We need to move beyond 20th Century measurement assumptions and tools if we wish to seriously tackle our 21st Century challenges. The early achievements of r3.0 are promising and exciting, and Sustainability Advisory is delighted to join the growing group of Advocacy Partners and the wider r3.0 community – to learn, to share and to innovate.”

Regional scope: UAE

Advocation Partner contact: Maria Sillanpaa

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