Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Synertium brings an on-demand project management solution and implementation of activities to support sustainability entrepreneurship endeavors meant to contribute towards changes to live in a better world. We help to transition into a more responsible model, measure its impact and facilitate funding.

Marc-André Bélisle

Marc-André Bélisle



“Businesses impact goes well beyond creating demand and answering it with products & services. They are catalyst to the values about how we define our life’s needs, goals, sense of identity and work purpose. As a motor of social-economical transformation, businesses need to be able to transform themselves in their value proposition, financial principles and impact for a greater good. That’s why we are excited to be an Advocation Partner with r3.0 as a community of ideas and blueprints to help guide entrepreneurship in an ecosystem of sustainability models & practices.”

Advocation Partner contact: Marc-André Bélisle

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