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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Sustainability Knowledge Group is a global advisory firm dedicated to creating value, through strategic CSR & Sustainability training, coaching and advisory solutions. Sustainability Knowledge Group works with private, public and third sector organisations to help them develop, manage and measure effective Sustainability & CSR strategies and programs, address social and environmental challenges, and eventually bring tangible results, measurable impact and create better businesses. Our vision is to make Sustainable Business a choice for organisations around the world.

Aglaia Ntili

Aglaia Ntili

Managing Director


“As the concept of Sustainability and Sustainability reporting is maturing, new, innovative and stakeholder relevant approaches are required to inspire and support organisations to continue their quest for competitive advantage and positive impact creation. We truly believe that r3.0 is a game changer. Engaging with r3.0 we aspire to further help organisations define their purpose, utilise research, innovation and tools, and transform business as usual.”

Advocation Partner contact: Aglaia Ntili