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r3.0 World Progress Report 2020


r3.0, the Berlin-based non-profit organisation, known for its development of pre-competitive and market-making Blueprints for a Regenerative & Distributive Economy, is now embarking on a new project: the r3.0 World Progress Report. Linked to r3.0’s highly-praised conferences, the report will become a major resource for every strategy-oriented department and outfit that is interested in “necessary transformation” toward the “future normal” of a Regenerative & Distributive Economy.

Why this report?

For many years, r3.0 has developed its unique Work Ecosystem of Blueprints, a systemic focus on areas that need to leapfrog simultaneously, to enable the emergence of a thriving Regenerative & Distributive Economy. From 2017-18, r3.0 released a First Phase Blueprints on Reporting, Accounting, Data, New Business Models and Transformation, and is initiating a Second Phase with the release of new Blueprints on Sustainable Finance and Value Cycles in September 2020, and on Educational Transformation and Systemic Funding in September 2021. In parallel, r3.0 is incubating a Global Thresholds & Allocations Council to provide an overarching governance function to help humanity navigate into a “safe and just operating space.”

In 2020, r3.0 also introduced a new conference structure of 4 thematic pairings that undergird the design and implementation of a Regenerative & Distributive Economy:

Science & Behaviour;
Finance & Growth;
Value & Circularity; and
Governance & Education.

We have recruited a group of globally recognized expert keynote speakers for these clusters. This conference structure will now also serve as focus areas for the r3.0 World Progress Report 2020.

The strength of this structure resides in its interconnectedness. International discussions often proceed in silos around single topics, like climate change or health care or digitization, or even the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We note that the little progress we are able to make in these fields is partially due to their lack of interconnectedness into one systemic framework. That’s what differentiates the r3.0 World Progress Report from the myriad of industry, topic, or regional reports; it will fill these gaps, providing sorely needed holistic perspective.

The r3.0 World Progress Report 2020 will use the Conference and its proceedings as a baseline of information (building on the foundation of existing r3.0 Blueprints) to encompass a qualitative and quantitative status of necessary developments in these eight focus areas. Additional research will be carried out by using r3.0’s Advocation Partner and Academic Alliance Networks (or additional in-kind support). It will also be the basis for the use of a scoring system that will most likely be based on Likert scales. We will assess how much this is possible given the interconnectedness of the 8 focus areas. We may want to work with external partners where needed, pending funding success. It is our aim to publish the report in late fall of 2020.

How can I participate?

The r3.0 World Progress Report 2020 will have a project budget of 150.000 Euros for its first edition and is based on the expectation that there are approximately 15-20 organizations that are willing to fund the project with minimally 5.000 Euros and maximally 15.000 Euros. We call this a ‘fair share’ approach. Some in-kind support can be accepted in combination with a financial contribution. r3.0 would assess the need for in-kind support and define it when necessary of when offered. The report itself will be offered free of charge, with no fencing at all. Downloads from the r3.0 website will be possible even without leaving an email address behind, that’s r3.0’s standard policy of ‘walking the talk’ of delivering global public goods.

What benefits can r3.0 offer?

As this is the inaugural r3.0 World Progress Report, we will specifically communicate our appreciation to this very unique group of organizations on socials media, during the Conference and of course in the report itself. We also hope that the success of the World Progress Report will offer organisations to stay on board for multiple years, as we plan to publish this report on a yearly basis and gain parallel importance to other status reports (such as the WEF Risk Report). That decision can be made on a yearly basis, so the commitment we are asking for now just entails the inaugural report.

Additionally, we will also grant r3.0 World Progress Report sponsors with Bronze, Silver or Gold recognition of the Conference (in appreciation of providing support for the basic research behind the report). With this recognition, sponsors will also receive 1, 2 or 3 free tickets for Conference participation.

Project Lead:

Ralph Thurm
Bill Baue

Additional Resources:

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