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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Dr Robin Lincoln Wood has been pioneering collaborative transformation globally for three decades. He is also an expert in enlightened corporate governance approaches, and has been a strategic advisor and facilitator to more than one hundred of the world’s largest corporations, banks and NGO’s. Partners in Thriveable Transformation brings together Robin’s diverse partnerships and interests into a single vehicle that can assemble professional service teams tailored to specific challenges and opportunities globally.
Robin Lincoln Wood

Robin Lincoln Wood



“Having worked with r3.0 since its inception 5 years ago as a co-founder of the Thriveability Foundation, I am delighted to see how Ralph, Bill and the team have accelerated the breadth and depth of mainstream engagement with the vital principles we co-developed during this period. Thriveable transformation is the key to closing the sustainability, organisational and leadership gaps that challenge us all right now.”

Advocation Partner contact: Robin Lincoln Wood