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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program


MCI Partners is a United Nations certified consulting company working as a trusted partner with corporate leaders on gender economic governance, equipping companies with tools and strategies on a global scale. MCI Partners strategic support to gender equality supports companies towards delivering gender economic governance in business strategy and operations, working in real-time with clients to connect the dots between gender equality, markets and business outcomes by incorporating gender economic governance into strategic plans from scenario planning to sustainable market sizing opportunities.

Amelia Lopez Hui

Amelia Lopez Hui

Owner and General Partner at MCI Partners


Globally, countries lose from $160 trillion to $280 in wealth due to gender inequality. The gender economic gap makes human capital shrink 20% of its total global potential.  Gender justice, not only a basic human right, but also intrinsic to the global goals and as an instrument for the achievement of the UN 2030 global agenda, is essential. Joining r.3.0 as an Advocation Partner, MCI Partners can expand the opportunity to deliver an evidenced based systemic perspective to support the implementation of the national policy on economic parity.”

Advocation partner contact: Amelia Lopez Huix