Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

We promise that everything we do for our clients, every advise we give, will be in the interest of the entrepreneur and his/her business. We will use all our knowledge, experience and insights, to let these entrepreneurs and their businesses excel. But most importantly, we promise that we will do this with one aim only, namely to help them realize their mission and helping them to make their dreams come true. This, in combination with how we do this, is stated in our Manifest that every client is given by us and signed by one of our personal accountants. So this is not sweet talk, but a clear promise. In this light it is rather obvious that Manifesto is a cooperation, ran by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.  
Erik Friedeberg

Erik Friedeberg

Director Coöperatie Manifesto Nederland U.A.

“It is great to work together to make the world a better place to live in. Manifesto is transforming the accounting industry for the good. In that capacity Manifesto is also the co founder of the Foundation Scale of Meaningfulness. It is important that reporting – and also guiding a company – is based on values instead of (only) money. Let us work together in the r3.0 community to realise this.”


Advocation Partner contact: Erik Friedeberg

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