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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

International legal advisory on Social & Governance practices (ESG), Business Ethics & Human Rights; Education & Training for companies, activists and non-profit organizations that are focused in creating positive impact through businesses and entrepreneurship. Our services comprise getting end-to-end legal advice through your Start Up, Acquisition, Divestment or Commercial deal by adopting regenerative & impact principles; Fiscal and Regulatory benefits; Support for B Corps; Investor relations; Risk analysis of supply chains and sales channels; Greenwashing risks in marketing claims and communication; turnarounds, crisis management and remediation; anticorruption/anti money-laundering and fair competition (antitrust).
Bruno Camargo

Bruno Camargo



Old maps will not show the new ways needed for a true change in the way we produce, source and consume. Our role is to secure true regenerative practices by addressing risks & opportunities with lenses that are redesigned with a holistic worldview that challenge the reductionist mentality in course.


Advocation Partner contact: Bruno Camargo