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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Innovatrix strives to contribute to a world where people don’t have to give up their lives in order to make a living. We work with people and Communities in order to find and implemented innovative and sustainable solutions in housing systems, mobility, clothing, food creation and distribution, and in energy systems.

António Chanoca

António Chanoca



“When we came across r3.0 we found a vibrant community of intention with whom we felt deep alignment. Beyond the intention, the specific actions that r3.0 develops and deepens over time is in our eyes a serious contribution both by the robustness of its content and its current and potential reach of practical impact. As such, we would like to be close and involved in order to contribute whenever possible to r3.0’s impacts, and to surely learn and also benefit from it and the associated community.”


Advocation Partner contact: António Chanoca