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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Impact in Context is a not-for-profit venture that focuses on innovating for sustainability, thriveability and the design of regenerative cultures. Its scope is on bioregions, habitats and ecosystems with their inhabitants, communities and organizations. We think in terms of processes, relationships, patterns, connectedness and context, using a systems view of life and an asset-based approach. Our services are: sustainable innovation, consultancy, research and education.
Henk Hadders

Henk Hadders


“r3.0 is on the right track advancing a fit-to-purpose disclosure practice, by using a context-based sustainability approach. As Advocation Partner we want to help co-create new solutions at a bioregional and ecosystem level, by developing shared impact measurement & reporting tools and shared sustainability management practices. Here we connect multi-issues such as: multi-stakeholders, multicapital social contracts and monitoring with multicapital accounting networks and multicapital measurement & reporting. Also by using smart IT, we hope to make ecosystems and its governance regenerative again”.

 Regional scope: The Netherlands


Advocation Partner contact: Henk Hadders

Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partner Henk Hadders of Impact in Context was featured in an extensive interview in which he discussed his lifework, and also mentioned r3.0 prominently. Please watch the video here – we hope you enjoy Henk’s reflections as much as we do!