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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

I4D – Shifting perspectives to value – is a being-centric strategy firm, focused on doing business and investments in the new economy. We help meaningful leaders and entrepreneurs with their challenges on sustainable innovation and transformation to create inclusive value. In essence we give leaders and entrepreneurs plus their teams space to be really present and think, feel and speak openly to co create the future. Our work is based on a holistic, innovative, and transformative Innervation 4 Development (I4D) approach. Furthermore, we invest in entrepreneurs in the new economy. I4D is based in the Netherlands.

Vincent Leonard (V.L.) van Kalkeren MSc

Vincent Leonard (V.L.) van Kalkeren MSc


“Becoming an Advocation Partner is the logical next step for future development of I4D. We are fully aligned on the current challenges in the world and the need for transformational change. We are really looking forward working together with all the Positive Mavericks at R3.0.”



Advocation Partner contact: Vincent Leonard (V.L.) van Kalkeren MSc