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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

I3 Partners was formed with the purpose to be a catalyst for investment organisations and family offices to help build, develop and deepen their Impact investment frameworks using a fully integrated systems approach.
I3 stands for “Integral Impact Investments” which has been developed as a full spectrum method, methodology and model using the globally recognised and researched 4-worlds Integral framework. I3 aims to provide a fully integrated and comprehensive principles and approach as part of a transformational journey for Impact investment strategy built from the core of each individual investment firm.
Robert Dellner

Robert Dellner

Managing Partner

“We are very excited of being an advocation partner with r3.0 and to be part of the important area and work of helping to further develop an integrated reporting and accounting framework. This work speaks to our mission of creating a clear link between critical Impact outcome objectives whilst also acting as the interpretative translation bridge and tool between such objectives and the accounting principles for our actual impacts.”



Advocation Partner contact: Robert Dellner