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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Evolutesix is dedicated to creating regenerative business ecosystems. Our core is mining and refining tension and conflict, extracting the gold it contains to drive (re)generation. Wetake a whole systems approach,helping: individuals regenerate themselves using the latest adult developmental processes (Evolutesix Adaptive Way); organisations deliver better results by integrating self-governing with the Adaptive Way above and our FairShares Commons legal form. (Evolutesix Adaptive Organisation) incubation and investment into ecosystems of startups using the full Adaptive Organization above Evolutesix Evoluter.
Graham Boyd

Graham Boyd

CEO & Founder

“I’m excited about joining forces with r3.0 for two reasons: first, because we have a common path and destination: using business as a powerful lever to create a sustainable world we and future generations can all live comfortably in; and because we complement each other: Evolutesix has spent a decade developing the building blocks for a fundamentally different way of doing business relevant to r3.0’s New Business Models and Transformation Journey Blueprints.”



Advocation Partner contact: Graham Boyd