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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

The current era of globalization and IT-adoption brings its own types of complexity, in establishing fair and sustainable policies. A deep understanding of the changing structural undercurrents of our financial and socio-economic domains is imperative. To assess these dynamics, EntropoMetrics applies chaos theory and thermodynamic principles to these domains. Our diagnostic framework allows us to perform a so-called Technical Domain Analysis (as either research or consultancy), to enable the policy-making of today.
Martijn Veening

Martijn Veening

Founder, Analyst


“The recent impressive wave in new (circular, cyclical) economic paradigms is currently in need of convergence and consolidation into a useful new framework, ready for implementation. At EntropoMetrics we think the r3.0 initiative is providing exactly this, and we hope to contribute to this systemic point of view, specifically for the Value Cycles Blueprint.”


Advocation Partner contact: Martijn Veening