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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

We at deep white have built a tool that uses a methodology, developed together with the University of St. Gallen, to measure corporate culture and enable the benchmarking of its characteristics in correlation to financial success. Since our studies have found that corporate social responsibility is the main driver, we have developed an additional set of indicators, derived from the standard guidelines like GRI4, UNGC, EMAS, DJSI, DNK etc. that allows us to answer questions like: How firmly established are the principles of sustainability within the mindset of an organisation? Based on the results we run a SWOT analysis to develop courses of action for further improvement related to strategy formation, internal/external communication, organisational development etc.
Furthermore deep white provides consultancy services through thorough business analysis to help its customers to take advantage of digitalisation potentials. Its corporate culture analysis supports these activities by providing insights about e.g. the organisational readiness to adopt the change that results from these digitalisation projects.

Stephan H. Multhaupt

Stephan H. Multhaupt



“As an entrepreneur it is important to me to keep moving and to break new ground. I want to create and long-term value – for our customers, company, employees and partners. Turning visions into reality cooperatively, mastering challenges and shaping the future – that is what I stand for. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Competence, reliability and quality are just as important to me as an encounter at eye level. Creating added value, integrated solutions in a holistic context requires a strong, diverse network. r3.0 offers exactly this network. Becoming an advocation partner is the logical step and I am very much looking forward to working with the many other inspiring “positive mavericks”.”
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Advocation Partner contact: Stephan H. Multhaupt