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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Credo’s mission is to accelerate social change through advisory services, collective initiatives, and thought leadership. Our activities are driven by and aligned with an ambitious vision, that dictates our work and our impact goals. We make sure we’re making progress toward this vision by setting impact goals, obtaining annual B Corp certification and collaborating on community initiatives through our non-profit Familia.

Ghani Kolli

Ghani Kolli

Managing Partner, Collective intelligence and continuous improvement & Impact Strategy,

“We are searching for a way to disrupt the revenue model of our consulting business from hourly rate to value-based pricing, I first discover the notion of Impact Evaluation with our friends from MetaIntegral with MetaImpact Framework and then find myself and our team involved in the cutting-edge innovation for the new economy with r3.0 and the amazing network of Advocation Partners that I proudly join today! Happy to change the world, together.”


Advocation Partner contact: Ghani Kolli