Test Lab

Context-Based Biodiversity Metric Pilot Project


r3.0 is collaborating with the Center for Sustainable Organizations (CSO) and Manomet to manage pilot testing of the world’s first context-based biodiversity metric that these two Advocation Partners co-developed, the Biodiversity Performance Index (BPI). This metric aggregates 10 context-based indicators, several of which already exist, and most of which utilize impact data that is typically already tracked by companies. Pilot companies will chose a few of the indicators to test, such that the full suite of 10 indicators will be covered in aggregate by all of the piloting companies.  This project runs parallel to (and complements) the pilot testing of the UNRISD Sustainable Development Performance Indicators that r3.0 is managing (in collaboration with CSO).

For more information on this Context-Based Biodiversity Metric Pilot Project, please see the Brochure here.
To express interest in piloting this metric (or asking questions), please contact Bill Baue and/or Ralph Thurm.

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