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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

I do not conform, and will always be a rebel, but I do so with the utmost humanity, for I think that it is only if we live and think critically about the present that we can make tomorrow better. What I excel at is keeping folks (and businesses) out there honest and on track to support system change and ecosystem impact, and to really dig deep into world issues, social challenges, and auspicious and authentic communications.

Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal

Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal

Independent Sustainability & Degrowth Advisor


Quite frankly, from my background in critical theory, “sustainability” never really sat well with me. But the in-depth theoretical work and the strategic continuum developed by r3.0 gives an alternative to “business as usual”,  and truly gives a glimmer of hope to attain true sustainability, and system-change. I’m simply super excited to be a part of this community of change-makers and to be a proponent of this ground-breaking approach.


Advocation Partner contact: Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal