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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Responsible Brand Development
Good for People, Planet, Prosperity & Pleasure

ARTTOMOVE is a value-based boutique consultancy, founded in 2007 to actively trigger the needed change within the global Textile & Fashion Business. The company based in the Netherlands encourages and supports brands to let go of past routines and discover new potential within the planetary boundaries, built upon a genuine social foundation.

Niccy Kol

Niccy Kol

Brand & Impact Catalyst, Founder


“As an Impact Catalyst, we intend to shake up siloed organizations in the textile & fashion business to enable holistic action. Collaboration and regeneration are key to keeping companies within our planetary boundaries. Being an Advocation Partner with R3.0 enables us to intensify our mutual learning journey among the best.”

Advocation Partner contact: Niccy Kol