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Member of the r3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Alice Kalro has been leading business transformation programs and developing stakeholder-centric business strategies since 2014. She currently leads the sustainability practice at Goodera Enterprise.

Alice deploys her business acumen and expertise in high maturity corporate sustainability practices to help companies integrate sustainability into their core business, and to make ambitious sustainability action accessible to small and medium sized enterprises through productisation of advisory services.

Alice holds a masters degree in International Relations and several sustainability qualifications from Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford universities, as well as a GRI certification.

Alice Kalro

Alice Kalro

A purpose-driven leader, sustainability champion, systems thinker and a global citizen


“It is high time that we, as a global community, calibrate our sustainability ambition and action to the scale of the challenge ahead of us, and that we, through a timely systems change, transition to a regenerative and socially just economic model, in which humanity and the systems that it is part of thrive in symbiosis. What stands between us and this goal is accumulating the critical mass of change agents. I deeply admire r3.0’s long-term effort to catalyse such transformation, and am excited and honoured to join its cohort of positive mavericks.”

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