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+ Maverick Thinking

r3.0 embarks on further strengthening its knowledge creation and know-how implementation program through ‚+Maverick Thinking‘ in the form of White Papers, Opinion Papers and Case Studies, and has created a new webpage to capture these lines of thinking. Each of these groups of papers have specific functions in the design of future Blueprints, r3.0’s core products. These White Papers, Opinion Papers and Case Studies will also remain global public goods, freely available to everybody on this planet for inspiration, further instigation and creation of move positive maverick thinking.

White Papers

White Papers derive from r3.0’s collaboration wit other partners in the r3.0 community and tackle specific issues. They are particularly valuable as necessary clarifications in the strive from degeneration to regeneration & thriving, and they serve as prompters for necessary changes in the set of r3.0 Blueprints, whenever a new round of updates is planned. The first Whitepaper ‚From Monocapitalism to Multicapitalism‘, written by r3.0 Senior Director Bill Baue in collaboration with the IIRC, will support adaptation of various Blueprints in r3.0’s first review round starting 2022.

r3.0 White Paper #1 – 2020 – From Monocapitalism to Multicapitalism

Opinion Papers

Opinion Papers are structuring certain viewpoints into a condensed and concise design. These viewpoints can come from r3.0 staff and were communicated elsewhere before, or can generally come from anybody in the r3.0 community that wants to use this format for making a contribution to the field of transformations towards regeneration and thriving. We invite our community to come forward if they are interested to work with us on an Opinion Paper. The first Opinion Paper by r3.0 Managing Director Ralph Thurm presents his successful Linkedin series ’The Big Sustainability Illusion’, and pulls all four parts together in one r3.0 design format.

r3.0 Opinion Paper #1 – March 2021 – Ralph Thurm – The Big Sustainability Illusion

r3.0 Opinion Paper #2 – September 2021 – Ralph Thurm & Bill Baue – WEAll Maturation Pathways

Case Studies

Case Studies will add a third and last component of +Maverick Thinking, namely direct application of r3.0’s knowledge for practical use. This will strengthen the use of r3.0’s backcasting approach and how transformation can be tackled in necessary ways. r3.0 invites its partners to come forward with case study ideas. A first case study will be released in the next couple of months, using the SBTi formal complaint that r3.0 Senior Director Bill Baue currently leads as a first case.

r3.0 Case Study #1- March 2022 – Ralph Thurm & Sophia Orbach – The first true Sustainability Report?

Common Good Resources

To achieve a regenerative & distributive economy, r3.0 regularly addresses shortcomings and systemic failures of certain players in influential positions of the current economic system design. We document our approaches towards interaction with these players in this part of our website. They form input for all those that want to delve deeper into research or develop action against these shortcomings or failures. These resources should also make clear that all approaches r3.0 has chosen are based on research grounded in scientific evidence, ethical norms, and sound reasoning. We see these resources as a common good, freely available for everyone.

The Lost Decade: Sustainability Standards Sabotage Sustainability, September 2023 – Bill Baue’

Sustainability Context Bibliography, March 2023 – Bill Baue

Science-Based Targets Inquiry, March 2023 – Bill Baue


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