Phase Two of r3.0’s Blueprint generation is kicking off, with the launch of the Sustainable Finance and Value Cycles Blueprints. The Working Groups for each are about halfway constituted, leaving ample space for additional members to join (if you have relevant expertise), and to share the opportunity with your contacts. The process runs about 10 months, and entails two rounds of reviewing report drafts, with a virtual dialogue and in-person meeting for each draft. First draft in-person meetings are scheduled for after #NewMetrics19 in Philadelphia (November 21 for Blueprint 6; November 22 for Blueprint 7) and second draft in-person meetings will be in Europe (dates & location pending confirmation). We estimate an overall time commitment of about 4 hours per month over the 10 months, if Working Group members attend all meetings and virtual dialogues; most members will take a much more targeted approach, reducing time commitments significantly.

Please email or refer contacts to Bill and/or Ralph directly to express interest.

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