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r3.0 Governments, Multilaterals & Foundations Support Group

Mutual benefit opportunities to learn from & support the r3.0 Blueprints



We are offering interested governments, multilaterals and foundations the opportunity gain deeper insights into next-generation disclosure approaches by supporting the dissemination of the r3.0 Blueprints.

What is the Governments, Multilateral & Foundations Support Group?

Governments in every country are charged with advancing the achievement of sustainability through legislation & regulation, fiscal & non-fiscal incentives, and programs that connect national sustainability strategies with industries, habitats, and organizations in their domains. The UN and G20 represent avenues for engaging in national and international sustainability initiatives, but these programs have limits of effectiveness and sometime lack sufficient ambition to transcend mere “survival” and instead set higher sights on thriving.

Multilateral organizations primarily support global policy-making and economic system design. They have an important role to play in greasing the wheels of global market dynamics. Sustainability becomes an increasingly important precondition of their actions, as some actors question whether multilaterals enhance or detract from sustainability. They need to ask themselves the same questions as governments about the effectiveness of their support role.

r3.0 is developing Blueprints in the areas of principles-based reporting, accounting, data and new business models for a green, inclusive & open economy. These four pillars of its ‘work ecosystem’ define the minimally necessary starting points to arrive at what’s needed: a seamless flow of data and information on the micro level (corporations), meso level (industries & habitats) and the macro level (our global economic and financial system).

Governments, multilaterals and foundations are interested in an effective use of their resources and have supported initiatives around global policy making, governance, reporting, and specific additional initiatives and networks (e.g. around various capitals, like natural capital and social capital). They also support not-for-profit organizations in various sectors.

The Governments, Multilaterals & Foundation Support Group of r3.0 will specifically help r3.0 through institutional and project-based financial support, while offering learning how to best make use of r3.0’s Recommendations to increase the effectiveness of support to other initiatives, networks and programs through the systemic approach of r3.0.

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For more information about the r3.0 Governments, Multilaterals & Foundations Support Group see the full description here.


Ralph Thurm

Managing Director

OnCommons / r3.0

+31 64 600 14 52