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Blueprint ZERO

Blueprint ZERO Overview

Robust evidence supports the analysis that current predominant human economies and cultures are “violent & unsustainable” (Andreotti 2021) and thus not future-fit. Transforming from the half-century status (Global Footprint Network) of “overshoot & collapse” (Meadows et al 1972) requires paradigm shifts (Kuhn 1962) in both economic system designs and cultural norms (Centola et al 2018).  And from an ethical / human rights perspective, it is imperative to apply a Just Transition approach.

This project will ideate a Blueprint for regenerative economies and cultures by synthesizing crowdsourced input from experts across a broad spectrum of alternatives to the status quo when it comes to economies & cultures – including regenerative economy & cultures, restorative economy, doughnut economics, indigenous economics & cultures, solidarity economy, ecofeminist economics, ecological economics, degrowth economics, common good economics & culture of the commons, wellbeing economics, decolonial economics & culture, post-development culture & economics, bioregional economics & currency, prosocial economics & cultural evolution, and multicapitalist economics (among many others).

The Blueprint will establish first principles from the foundations of economics in the Greek etymology of oikonomos (oiko = house + nomo = laws, rules) as management of the “home” writ large (ie earth), and the foundations of culture, with its place-based etymological roots in the cultivation of soil (ie earth). We will also explore non-Western (ie Eastern, Indigenous, etc) etymologies and histories of these concepts. From these foundations, the Blueprint will critique current predominant economies and cultures by assessing the degree to which they align with or diverge from these first principles. Following the standard r3.0 Blueprint hypothesis of divergence, the Blueprint will identify the primary elements of this divergence, to set foundations for exploring alternatives. The synthesis will the serve as a platform for laying out pathways forward, articulated at a general level of specificity. This sets the groundwork for “activation” work after the publication of the Blueprint.

Call for Participation

Lead Author

Ralph Thurm

Managing Director

OnCommons / r3.0

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Bill Baue

Senior Director


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