r3.0 is pleased to announce the release the latest of its Blueprints of the Work Ecosystem – 1st generation. As with all r3.0 Blueprints, the ‘Funding Governance for Systemic Transformation Blueprint (BP8)‘ challenges the fundamentals of status quo practice and ambition – in this instance, existing funding governance systems that steer resource flows toward social and ecological benefit, such as private philanthropy, public subsidization, and marketplace “fixes” – and points to alternative practices and ambitions that are already emerging to displace the dysfunctions of extant systems with regenerative funding governance. BP8 represents the last in a cycle of nine Blueprints that comprise the r3.0 Work Ecosystem developed over the past seven years (2016-2022) in two phases of four Blueprints each, with a single synthesis Blueprint dividing the phases. We call this oeuvre a Work Ecosystem instead of a Knowledge Ecosystem (which it certainly also is) purposefully, as the ultimate goal is to activate this co-created knowledge in the world – as work. In this sense, BP8 is perhaps the truest to our vision, since we integrated this activation directly into our work as we went along, and now have a specific plan (and modest funding) for taking next steps after the release of this Blueprint.

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