New Blueprint Project

New Blueprint Project

r3.0 announced in January 2020 to start the developmenr of a Educational Transformation Blueprint. The purpose of this blueprint is to transform education in relation to the design and implementation of a regenerative and distributive economy in the 21st Century. We are embarking on a year-long journey to map the ecosystems of learning associated with the regeneration of landscapes and cultivation of regenerative economic models at bioregional scales. This includes all relevant expressions of formal and informal learning. There are permaculture camps, ecovillage training centers, large-scale ecological restoration projects, urban sustainability efforts, early childhood nature immersion experiences, undergraduate and graduate programs, and the panoply of life-long learning activities associated with entrepreneurial innovations in the midst of rapid global change. The primary focus of this project will be to identify organizing principles and design pathways for systemic integration that makes it possible to navigate the complexities of global change while moving increasingly toward the restoration of planetary health.

If you are interested to participate and/or support this Blueprint Development process, please contact Ralph Thurm and/or Bill Baue.

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